''Led to the soul in search of inspiration” - would be the most precise way of describing my journey through life, until now. My kick-start to photography was by a camera received as a gift, that soon started developing into a perpetual hobby. With the ardor to learn more, I started working by covering various events in college. For me, it wasn’t just the glorious greenery of my campus, but also the serene smiles and the varying emotions, on the faces, that fascinated and urged me to capture those priceless moments. I soon realized that if required, I could photograph for days at a stretch but being bound to a desk job is something I’m just not born for. Though I passed out as an Electronics and Telecommunications engineer in 2018, my hunger still rose for the one passion burning in me and that was Photography! And so, with complete support from my family, to further pursue what had now become my dream, I took a step ahead and joined the Light and Life Academy in Ooty in the year 2018. Here, I learned that life exists not only in the living, but can be given to even the inanimate with just the perfect click. The rising moon, the nature trails, the product ads or the fashion photography; they all made me discern the beauty in every view that the eye captures, and showed me how the camera brings them to life.

Someday, I wish to travel the world and encapsulate all the real into the reel!